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Natural Born Communicator 

 With more than 25 years of knowledge and know-how fused together, Jocelyne Beaulieu is a master communicator and social marketer.  Changing attitudes and behaviours, influencing public opinion and decision-making—those are the challenges that drive her to achieve results. She has garnered more than a dozen awards in regional, national and international competitions. Today, a number of her awareness-raising programs, campaigns and tools are recognized as models of excellence.


Communicating with impact

Jocelyne Beaulieu makes it look so easy, crafting a compelling message and conveying it through the right channels, at the right time, to achieve the desired effect with the target audience. She enjoys flexing her creative muscles in ever more imaginative ways in a variety of settings.

 Over the years, she has developed and launched prime strategic initiatives in health, online education, parental communication, immigrant settlement and integration among other fields of practice. She also works with professional organizations such as MD Financial Management and not-for-profit groups including Community Resource Centres to promote the benefits of social enterprise and employment.

 She has produced several bilingual awareness campaigns and tools for provincial organizations including the Alberta-based health network Réseau santé albertain. National organizations such as the Canadian Nurses Association and the French-language Association of colleges and universities call on her strategic capabilities as a seasoned communicator. And private-sector clients such as consulting firm AXION rely on her high-level social marketing expertise to tackle communicaiton challenges. 


A track record of communications excellence

In the last decade, she has garnered yet more awards for her branding work which includes internationally recognized educational multilingual parental resources for public school boards including a must-have tool to get kids ready to succeed at school.

Immigration issues have become a major focus of her practice. Jocelyne Beaulieu works with various organizations building social awareness, among them Hire Immigrants Ottawa and La Passerelle, one of Ontario’s leading multicultural force. On their behalf, she has developed stand-up-and-take-notice ads and advertorials that call attention to key issues.

For another client, RDÉE Ontario, a community economic development leader, she designed a province-wide initiative successfully branded as Opportunities for All. A full arsenal of employer information tools was also created to promote the hiring of qualified immigrants.


Her mission: to persuade

No matter how big or how small the challenge, Jocelyne Beaulieu makes it her mission to persuade with words and images.

Over the last 25 or more years, this award-winning consultant has collaborated with an amazing variety of groups—teachers, executives, public officials, health care professionals among others. Her roster of clients includes volunteer and not-for-profit organizations, professional bodies, post-secondary institutions and government agencies.

Health, education, community action, immigration or youth employment—she welcomes every challenge as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on social issues. This she does with unmatched know-how and flair in both official languages.